Columbia Indoor Air Quality & Mold Testing

Air Purification Columbia:

UniKlean of Columbia offers an exceptional air purification system that continuously cleans the air using small amounts of ozone and negative ions. The ions attach to the odorous particles in the air and drag them down to the floor where they can be removed by vacuuming. This is the same air purification system that occurs in nature. Having clean air will help keep your carpet and furniture clean for an extended period of time, reduce the risk of allergies, sickness and allow for optimum health. We want you to dwell in the healthiest environment possible. Call us for more information on getting your air clean.

Expert Toxic Mold Testing

Worried about sick building syndrome or sick home syndrome?
There are about 30 different types of mold found in Columbia. Whether you have found mold growth in your home or office or just want to rule out toxic mold, you have come to the right place.

Toxic mold or not?
The chief question you must first have answered is if you are indeed dealing with toxic mold or not. That is where our service comes in. Since Petri dish samples require an extended amount of time before they can be tested and because they cannot show airborne mold, we take a genuine air sample that will show you what is currently in your breathing air. We will actually force feed 150 liters of your affected air through a collection plate. Your collection plate will then be examined under an electron microscope at our laboratory. The findings from such a careful and expert examination results in the most accurate mold identification and count possible.

Your laboratory report

You will get a report of the laboratory’s findings which will pinpoint exactly what type of mold spores are present in your home or office. It will also show the tested areas concentration of spores by detailed count. We will mail or fax the results to you as soon as possible. Generally this will take no longer than 48 hours. Rush results are also available.

Your report's findings

Your reports findings can help determine the next action you need to take in this matter. Usually mold remediation services are only needed in extreme cases. Your mold test findings will help you remove guesswork from this process which will be an invaluable aid to you during this time.


Air Quality Extended Information

A UniKlean of Columbia carpet cleaning even clears the air in your home

You may notice your home ' s air seems cleaner after a UniKlean of Columbia cleaning. That ' s not an illusion; the air is actually cleaner. Why? As we explained earlier, carpets are actually large air filters and all filters, howsoever effective, will eventually need to be cleaned.

Dirty carpets are clogged with air particles such as dust, human/pet hair and skin follicles, etc. These all waft into your family's breathing space when the carpet fibers are disturbed by foot traffic. If you ' ve ever seen a "dust cloud" in a ray of sunshine, you can picture what happens after each step on a too-full carpet.

But when that same thick jungle is cleared out (truly cleaned, in other words)

. ..Voila, you'll breathe better instantly!

Those with allergies or those who are environmentally sensitive (as well other ill-health sufferers), may decide to clean their carpet if for no other cause than for their health. But you certainly do not have to have allergies, be ill, or environmentally sensitive to enjoy clean air and cleaned-out carpets.

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