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Do you have pets? Accidents do happen. Does your house, couches or carpets smell of Urine? This is unhealthy as bacteria can breed on the surface and can also cause staining of the carpet, couch etc. We have the solution. We use our special Ultra Violet urine locator to identify the affected areas. For more information on pet urine stains odor control services.

We then proceed to have these areas neutralized and then steam cleaned so the smell will be eradicated or minimized. It is important that the area is treated as soon as possible, as time is crucial in getting the stain removed and also to stop the urine from seeping through to the underlay. Call us today to have your carpets and upholstery free of urine and pet odor again.

For more information on pet urine stains odor control & services, please Send an Enquiry or call us at: 410-709-3776

Certified Columbia Pet Odor Remediation
Certified by the UCCR. in Severe Odor Removal, we are experts in Pet Odor Control. However, while the odor control process is scientific and technical, is not an exact science. Why? Because of differences in animals and other factors that influence techniques and results.
 What Should You Do?
A required black light examination will reveal which of the following options, listed in order of least aggressive/least expensive to the most aggressive/most expensive, will have the best chance of success.

Pet Odor Treatment Options

Treatment Options

Percentage of Success
Topically treat carpet face: Neutralize, sanitize, rinse, clean and deodorize.
75 to 85%

Treat carpet face, back and sub-flooring as above.
Replace contaminated carpet pad and reinstall carpet.
85 to 95%

Dispose of contaminated carpet, pad and tackless strip, Neutralize, clean, sanitize and seal the sub-floor. Install new pad and carpet
95 to 100%

Since odors are successfully controlled 75 to 85% of the time,

We Guarantee:

Every professional effort will be made to analyze the odor problem correctly
Certified experts will follow industry recommended procedures to control the odor

NOTE: If the odor returns, so can we. We will try a more aggressive treatment (as shown above) in the now LIMITED, ISOLATED area(s) needing extra work. There will be an ADDITIONAL CHARGE for this work. However, as no duplicate services will be performed, there will be no duplication of charges, either. Remember that there is no quick fix for pet odor problems! Please be patient in working with us to solve your problem! Be aware that due to the nature of the original contamination, some discoloration may be visible at completion.


For more information on pet urine stains odor control & services, please Send an Enquiry or call us at: 410-709-3776

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